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Common Commercial Trailer Repairs

As an independent truck driver or a fleet manager, your rigs keep your trucking business running smoothly. With deadlines to meet, virtually any roadside emergency is going to take you off schedule. For this reason, having a reliable commercial trailer repair service when you need them is a wise investment in your business operations. 

Commercial trucks have to work harder to haul heavy loads and navigate steep hills and ride on long stretches of challenging roads. When you're in the middle of a run, breaking down because of missed maintenance makes very little sense.

To help you stay on the road safely, here are some of the most common trailer repairs.

Exterior Trailer Issues - When you spend a great deal of time driving a truck, it can be difficult to avoid having your trailer damaged by flying debris. A skilled trailer repair technician can evaluate any damages to the exterior of your trailer. After determining the level of damage, the technician can give you an accurate estimate for repairing scratches, dents, or cracks to the trailer's exterior. Choosing a commercial trailer repair technician who is insured and licensed helps to ensure the job gets done right.

The Pneumatic System - The pneumatic system plays a significant role in every operation of your truck. It includes brake lines, air hoses, and the valve system. When you have an issue with any of these components, you don't want to wait to have them inspected. A skilled technician uses state-of-the-art equipment to test your system and make any needed repairs.

Suspension Issues - If you happen to notice your trailer feels like it's pulling to one when driving it, or one corner sits higher than the others, this could indicate problems with your suspension system. A trained technician will test and troubleshoot issues that could be causing the uneven wear, and then make needed repairs to adjust your trailer.

Electrical Issues - Electrical systems also play an essential role in the operation of your truck. Everything from your headlights, brake lights, electric locks, and radio relies on the electrical system to run.
A professional truck repair technician can run a diagnostic of tests to find out what's wrong with your rig, and make any needed repairs.

Miscellaneous Repairs - In addition to regular maintenance, miscellaneous repairs can spring up from time to time. These repairs could include new tires, brake pads, or new doors.

Reliable Trailer Repair Services In Dallas, Texas

Regardless of whether you need to find a dependable trailer repair service for regular maintenance, or you have an emergency repair that needs immediate attention, the professionals at J&R Truck Service are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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