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Improve the Fuel Efficiency of Your Rig

No matter if you are an independent truck driver or you manage a fleet of big rigs, it's essential to manage and maintain your trucks for maximum efficiency. Outside of regular maintenance or unexpected repairs, one of the most changeable expenses of driving a semi-truck is fuel costs. 

Taking steps to increase fuel efficiency helps you drive further without having to raise your fuel budget significantly. Here are some tips for improving your overall mileage per gallon.

Establish Routes With Lighter Traffic

Anytime you can avoid routes with heavy or lots of stop and go traffic, your truck runs more efficiently. If possible, plan your route ahead of time. By doing so, you can arrange to leave at a better time to avoid rush hour traffic in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.

The use of GPS and mapping systems can prove helpful in finding the quickest or shortest driving routes. If live traffic reports are enabled, you have a heads up that delays may be possible as a result of construction or accidents.

Watch Your Speed

Responsible truck drivers understand the importance of following all traffic laws and respect others on the road. When on the highways, following posted speed limits and avoiding the urge to drive faster on an open highway helps to conserve your fuel. Maintaining a steady speed is recommended for the best results.

Use The Recommended Fuel Type

High-quality fuel keeps your truck running optimally. Refer to the owner's manual of your cab for the recommended fuel type. While you might think that using a higher grade of fuel improves performance and mileage, if it isn't the grade the manufacturer recommended, you could be paying extra for nothing. In the worst-case scenario, it might even degrade overall performance.

Check Tire Pressure

The tires on your truck are another factor that can significantly impact the fuel efficiency and operational safety of your semi-truck. Vehicles with underinflated tires require more fuel to drive the same miles as a properly inflated tire.

Both overinflated and underinflated tires could pose risks to yourself and other motorists. Problems associated with improperly inflated tires include poor traction, uneven wear, cracks, bulges, and squealing.

Truck repair services help keep your tires in excellent operational condition, and you can take steps to ensure your fuel budget doesn't shoot through the roof.

Change Filters

A finely tuned engine also plays a critical role in keeping your vehicle fuel-efficient. To keep it running smoothly, be sure to complete all recommended maintenance tasks, including changing the filters.

If you are unable to complete these tasks yourself, trusting your cab to the truck repair technicians at J&R Truck Service in Dallas, Texas, helps you stay on the road and meeting your deadlines.


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