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The Importance of Trailer Maintenance

As an owner-operator of a trucking business or a fleet manager, keeping your trailers in top condition helps to protect your drivers and your investment in the company. 

Here are some tips from J&R Truck Service, the leading trailer repair Dallas, to keep your engines - and trailers running smoothly.

Inspect Your Brake System - A failing brake system on your truck or trailer puts everyone on the roads at risk. Regular inspections help to ensure that all components of your brakes are working correctly, so you can drive with more confidence.

Trailer Lights - The lights on your rig help you to communicate with other drivers your next move.

To ensure the safety of all motorists on the road, check your headlights, running lights, emergency flashers, tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights to be sure they are in good working order.

Electrical System - The electrical system in your rig and trailer plays a significant role in keeping your truck and trailer moving forward.

Doing periodic inspections for loose or damaged wires helps to curtail breakdowns and electrical failures while you're on the road.

If you notice defective wiring, it should get replaced or repaired immediately, and rubber grommets should get used for protecting perforations.

During the colder months, chemicals commonly used to de-ice can damage electrical wires and connections, so paying extra attention when winter driving is advisable. Rinsing the undercarriage of the trailer helps protect it from long-term damage from road salt and other de-icing materials.

Other components to check include the horn, your radio system, and your battery. All of these items play a crucial role in transporting loads and products safely.

Tire Inspections - The tires on your trailer also play vital roles in keeping you and other motorists safe when you're on the road.

To avoid flats, blowouts, and other tire-related catastrophes when you're driving, always be sure to inspect your tires before hitting the highway. If you notice damaged or worn tires, the sooner you replace them, the better.

Ideally, every tire should have a viable tread that meets the requirements outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and every tire should have proper air pressure. Driving with faulty or underinflated tires can increase the chances of accidents. Bald tires can hydroplane on wet or slick roads, contribute to delayed response times, and losing control over the vehicle.

Keep Your Wheels Rolling

Regardless of whether your transportation company has a base in Dallas, or you're just passing through, J&R Truck Service is available to assist with truck and trailer repair needs. Contact us today for all your regular maintenance and repair needs. Or call anytime for emergency services. We're always here to help.


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