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Reduce Sun Damage With Window Film

Big windows are an attractive feature in many modern homes. Not only do they add style and sophistication, but they also create a light and airy indoor environment indoors. While advantageous in many ways, they don't come without disadvantages. 

When too much sunlight or UV rays make their way into your home through windows, they can cause fading and damages to floor coverings, window treatments, cabinets, surfaces, and furniture.

Prevent Fading

Ultraviolet or UV rays contribute to up to 40% of fading. Lights and solar heat contribute to 25% of fading. If you've invested a considerable amount in the interior of your home, protective window film helps to stop UV fading.

Enjoy Natural Light Without The Damaging Rays

Today, almost all tinted window films for commercial or residential use block damaging UV rays. Depending on the type and the manufacturer, it can prevent up to 99.9% of ultraviolet rays.

In addition to stopping UV rays, some types of protective window film can cut back on solar heat, which is a big deal. The 3MTM Sun Control Prestige Series and 3MTM Sun Control Film Ceramic Series can reject 80% of the sun's heat. The outcome is lower energy bills without having to sacrifice the natural light in your home that you love.

Tax Credits Make Ownership Affordable

Another logical reason to consider UV rays and solar heat protection window film are the tax benefits. Residential homeowners may be eligible for a Federal tax credit of up to $500 maximum for making qualified home improvements to reduce heat loss or gain.

Nearly all window films that offer insulation properties qualify for the tax credit. And, this federal tax credit may be available in addition to State or local incentives. For more information, speak with your tax professional.

Choosing The Best Window Tint

There are multiple types of protective window films from which to choose, so first, you'll need to identify which issues you want to solve. For instance, 3M Prestige Window Films offer a variety of densities. Homeowners can select how much light they want to block. PR70 is always popular because homeowners don't notice a difference in the appearance of things outdoors.

When you get your residential window film installed by experts like Amersol, the leading Dallas window film installer, you can rely on them to recommend a window film that meets your unique requirements.

With multiple decades of experience serving commercial and residential clients, they can help you meet your needs whether you want to boost your privacy, block UV rays, or add an extra level of security to your surroundings.

For more information on professional window film installation services in the greater Dallas area, contact the window film installation experts at Amersol today.


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