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Trailer Maintenance Tips

When you own a trailer, you must have the proper maintenance to keep your trailer in top condition. It's not just about having a shiny new trailer, but also one that can withstand any weather conditions, terrain, and demands from the roads. 

Tire Inspections

Regular tire inspections are crucial to ensure highway safety. You should use a tire gauge to measure your tires for air pressure and check if they have any damage or signs of wear.

Don't forget to inspect the rims. As the chemicals in your trailer's cargo can corrode an unprotected rim, you need to examine all rims on your trailer periodically as well. By doing so, you can drive with confidence that you are not setting yourself up for a tire blowout.

Blowouts endanger everyone, so look for signs like uneven tire wear, tire cracking, and bulging.

Check Your Brake Lines And Fluid Levels

Working brakes are crucial to your safety on the road. With that in mind, you need to check and maintain them regularly.

To do so, inspect all brake lines for any signs of cracking or deterioration. Otherwise, it could lead to a brake failure, which is always a bad situation.

In addition, the brake and other fluid levels in the trailer should get checked regularly to ensure maximum performance on the roads.

Inspect The Suspension System

It is also essential to inspect the suspension system.

Look for signs like leaking transmission fluid, torn or broken leaf springs, and worn-out bushings. All of these conditions will lead to poor performance on the road.

And when you are out on a long-haul job, it may not seem like a big deal at first. But, the longer the distance you drive, the worse the trailer will perform. And, the worse the trailer performs, the more fuel you're using to run, which will cost you more money.

Do An Undercarriage Inspection

A trailer undercarriage is another area that needs to get inspected regularly.

Visually inspect the frame, axle housing, and suspension springs for any signs of leaking fluids or corrosion. If you recognize any of these problems, contact a truck trailer repair technician to fix these damages before heading on the roadway.

If the trailer has additional security features such as winches, straps, or chains, visually inspect these as well.

Please ensure that all are in good condition and working to prevent any potential accidents or unforeseen incidents. All should get secured in the event of a sudden stop that could cause the trailer's cargo load to shift unexpectedly.

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